SPAO Resurrection

The SPAO in decline 2019 – cleanup begins!

With the kids now in their teens it’s time to start resurrecting the observatory!

Some of the things that need to be done:

  • Short term goals (this summer)
    • Thorough cleaning (the squirrels are annoyed to be losing their home!) 
    • Restain the outside of the building, the cladding has not weathered well
    • Replace a warped 2×4 on fold done panel thats causing a gap between the roof and the panel
    • Critter-proof
    • Enhanced physical locks and hinges
    • Security camera & alarm system (unfortunately much more urgent than 15 years ago)
    • Install C8 with OnStep
    • Interior updates – skin walls with plywood, paint, soft floor
  • Longer term goals (probably Spring 2020)
    • Replace the shingle roof with steel
    • With a lighter roof, automate rolloff of the roof using a gate opener

After first coat of solid color stain looking better already!

Looking out with the fold done panel cladding and wall removed!

Cladding and wall removed, ready to pull off and rebuild – note the weathering on the left

Warped board causing the roof and front panel not to meet, giving entrance to weather and critters

Folded back the steel joint plate – quite secure!

The warped board ready to use as a template to cut a new one

Whoops the normal 2×4 isn’t even close, this is 3.5″ x 1.5″ off to Home Depot!

New piece installed and back up but the wood around it is rotten,
will have to put it back up til I get some replacement material (rain coming)